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working, by josholeus
Another school art project. Was a bit pressed for time with this one (I'll admit it). Getting back to doing dog people again. drew another wrinkly dog for this one, it's supposed to be a neapolitan mastiff (for those who might want to know).   
alone in the woods by josholeus
alone in the woods
School art project again. More animal people (this time its a sabertoothed lionman...). This project was actually finished months ago, but I hadn't got around to submitting it because it was on dispay and stuff, but it's here now. First time I've ever painted something on a box too.    
normal dog----alien dog by josholeus
normal dog----alien dog
feel like I'm submitting my animal stuff in reverse order(for the most part I have been).
drew this sketch back in summer, it was what originally motivated me to start doing animals instead of people. even though afterwards I started drawing animal people...
I was taking another art class at Gnomon, two actually, I was taking two classes one for digital sculpting and one for traditional drawing (I hate myself for losing all the stuff I made in those classes).
so anyways, I picked up a book (they also sell books there) by Terryl Whitlatch (she did creature designs for star wars), and tried drawing one of the sketches in her book. afterwards I tried to draw my
own alien/exaggerated version (apparently alien dogs use steroids) of it. I made a bunch of notes on the first dog, to show what characteristics made it dog like and tried to keep those in the second
drawing. the scanner I use is kinda crappy so the lines don't really show up too well, sorry. the dog is supposed to be a boston terrier.  

really long description for just a sketch.
T-rex by josholeus
working on some dinosaur drawings for my art class. after I started drawing animals I decided to try drawing dinosaurs, found out I was better at it than I thought I would be. 
drawing something by josholeus
drawing something
smaller drawing this time, like half the size of my other ones. drew a cat person this time around. not as good at drawing cats as I am with dogs. also more of a dogs person.
deathly allergic to cats actually (well pretty close anyways).  

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Sivaz Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
My god, you have great skill in your drawings. 
I can't believe no one has taken appreciation in that before.
\ :
josholeus Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
thanks for your concern. it hasn't bothered me yet though.
 (I should probably stop saying thanks with this being the third time)...
Sivaz Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
I'm just surprised you've been around this long and haven't gotten much of anything.
But thanking me is fine.

You're welcome!
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