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some shoes by josholeus
some shoes
drew this just before graduating. one of the last projects for my art class. I know that this is a pretty good drawing, but when look at I just let out a sigh...        its because I feel like shoes are kinda boring. shoes are like the go to art project in my art class so I see them pretty often. also it doesn't have any style to it (or you know, dogs) it's just a rendering. I feel like it's more along the lines of something anyone can do. anyway, these are actually my sister's shoes, this picture is in black and white (or black and pink rather, we ran out of colored paper in the art room cause it's the end of the year it was either pink or yellow I think) but the shoes are actually blue and super sparkly. they're covered in glitter, and I couldn't really capture that. just look at all the crooked lines in the backgroung ;p  my art teacher discourages using rulers for this kind of thing and I don't really like using them anyway.   
Dog Candle by josholeus
Dog Candle
Did something completely different and made a candle. Did this as a present for my art teacher. It took me so much longer to make than I thought it would. The body doesn't look that great, but the head came out perfectly. Even though this is something completely different than what I usually do, it's still another neopolitan mastiff (their just really fun to draw, sculpt, or whatever).  
Neopolitan Mastiff by josholeus
Neopolitan Mastiff
drew another neopolitan mastiff (I really like this dog). leaning more towards realism for this drawing. I really haven't drawn any full body dogs before (just lots of dog people).
Stampede by josholeus
another dinosaur drawing. took me a while to submit this one just because of how big it is (15 inches wide, not great for scanning). I was able to get a lot of characters in one drawing at the same time, its an achievement (this is actually about six drawings put together). 
why hello there... by josholeus
why hello there...
really small drawing I did to get my art portfolio done (not much else to say...). 

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creusa Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ty for the fav! Have a llama! La la la la 
Sivaz Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
My god, you have great skill in your drawings. 
I can't believe no one has taken appreciation in that before.
\ :
josholeus Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
thanks for your concern. it hasn't bothered me yet though.
 (I should probably stop saying thanks with this being the third time)...
Sivaz Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
I'm just surprised you've been around this long and haven't gotten much of anything.
But thanking me is fine.

You're welcome!
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